Mobile Phone – A curse or a blessing

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Almost all of us are aware of what a mobile phone is. It is an electronic device used for telecommunication purposes with a touch of entertainment in it now. People now call it technology on the move as it contains almost everything which a person needs. From music, games, camera, web browsing to your business solutions everything could be found in a mobile phone. In some parts of the world mobile phones have even started replacing laptops, ipods and other such technologies.

It is viewed as a blessing by all of us. It is not far when projects like pomegranate phone, which is considered unrealistic by people, will actually exist. Almost everyone possesses a mobile phone now and agrees that it is one of the basic necessities of life. If we ask about its advantages people can make you count them on finger tips. But such gadgets with out which no one can survive are also viewed as a curse by some. Obviously if it is being criticized there might be something bad in it.

Why is it called a curse? Some people say that it is a curse because you have to receive calls from the telemarketers while others think that using mobile phones increases the number of road accidents. We cannot deny all these facts but the real curse in using mobile phones is that it causes serious health problems. One of the major side effects of mobile phones is that it causes brain cancer. According to some researches it has appeared that mobile phones emit thermal radiations which are absorbed by the brain. These radiations weaken the brain tissues which lead to brain cancer and increase the blood pressure. Moreover, these radiations also put an effect on the eye sight of the person. Other than that some researches show that using mobile phone builds abnormal cells in human brain. And cure from these health problems are a long term process.

People are aware of such serious health problems caused by the use of mobile phones but they are caught up and are compelled to use mobile phones as life without this gadget will be a life of old ages. What if we stop using mobile phones? Can we do this? We really need to invent such mobile phones which do not cause these health problems.

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